OMINA Foundation took part in Agrotransformación 2019

Agrotransformación 2019 was an event, held at the Costa Rica Convention Center for 3 days, dedicated to promoting agriculture as a sustainable and successful activity, which combined the accumulation of knowledge, the sharing of experiences and innovation.

During Agrotransformación 2019, OMINA Foundation presented a sample of fibers extracted from pineapple waste and abaca, a musacea. These fibers, obtained through projects led by OMINA Foundation, present new opportunities for innovation in agriculture and the creation of sustainable materials such as textiles, paper, plastic substitutes, medical supplies, among many others. 

Agrotransformación was an event led by the Descubre initiative. Descubre is an inter-institutional program that promotes the diversification and attraction of investments in the rural area. It is a public-private alliance articulated by COMEX, MAG and PROCOMER, with the participation of the private sector and the academy. The topics discussed during the event were: farming at sea, smart agriculture, agriculture and climate crisis and impact investment.

With the objective of promoting innovation in agriculture, as well as finding new goods and export markets, Descubre revealed the results of the study “Descubre 150: potential products and their value chains”. Yucca and goat by-products, blackberry, aloe, turmeric, seaweed, shrimp, hemp, insects and coyol are among the activities that have national production potential and have opportunities in international markets.

Farmers, exporters, entrepreneurs, suppliers and investors , as well as national and international experts participated during the first edition of Agrotransformación 2019. Exhibitions of agricultural machinery, equipment and supplies, investment business rounds and chains were also held during the event.