Our purpose is to create prosperity through the transformational power of knowledge.

Omina comes from the Latin ōmen, meaning the signs of something to come.

OMINA is a non-profit startup created in 2017. OMINA is based in Costa Rica, known as one of the most sustainable countries in the world.
An international model for sustainable development, human happiness and peace, Costa Rica abolished its army in 1948 and is home to the most stable democracy on the continent.
OMINA embraces a critical, independent approach to contemporary challenges, staying clear of corporate agendas, political correctness and comfortable conversations.
We put our souls into each project, working with open minds, hearts and our will to transform the world.

Led by the global luminaries, thinkers and doers that are shaping the course of our future, our highly-curated seminars and talks offer an informed approach to the vital knowledge necessary to navigate this new era.

In our community projects we work to create alliances, building bridges between individuals and organizations to maximize the social, economical and environmental impact.

By organizing innovative social events we encourage a new culture for the 21st century: one that prioritizes wellbeing, sustainability and inclusiveness.

We encourage, you lead.

Our mission is to inspire people to take ownership of our shared future, and to connect the dots between wellbeing, sustainability and economic prosperity in order to create a happier, healthier 21st century.

We advocate for a shift away from individualism and consumerism, emphasizing the strength of collective purpose and the value of connection with others.

“Alone we are a drop in the ocean, together we are a wave.”

“While challenges abound, the future is
overflowing with opportunities.”

Christopher Barrington-Leigh