In August 2017 the Costa Rica Fashion Summit (CRFS) was the first sustainable fashion forum in the region, gathering the most relevant experts worldwide.

We placed sustainability at the center of the fashion discourse, with more than 50 media outlets echoing our message from Venezuela and Nicaragua to China and the USA.


More than 4000 people accessed our live stream digitally around the globe, which enabled us to extend the reach of the insights shared by some of the most relevant fashion experts in the world.


For the first time in the region, over 500 fashion designers, students and entrepreneurs faced the devastating environmental effects of their industry. CRFS 2017 extended the tools and expertise required for individuals and organizations to take confident strides towards eco-responsible practices.


CRFS 2017 was created as a launchpad to make “made in Costa Rica” synonymous with sustainability and social justice.

“Genuine human connection is what this summit is built on, and it is what I hope to see more of in the world in order for us to create a future suitable for the inhabitants of this planet and the nature we need for our survival and inspiration. It’s through connecting to each other, listening, reaching out, lending a hand, and working together that a wealth of opportunities will present themselves, and this is how we will succeed.”


Andrea Somma-Trejos

Costa Rica Fashion Summit Opening Speech


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Costa Rica Fashion Summit featured an international
lineup of fashion trailblazers

Karla Martinez de Salas (Mexico)
Editor in chief, Vogue Mexico and Latin America


Manfred Kopper (Costa Rica)
Manager of Sustainability and Climate Change at Ernst&Young Costa Rica.


Stefan Siegel (Italy)
Founder, Not Just a Label


Carmen Busquets (Venezuela/US)
Fashion Entrepreneur and Investor, CRFS adviser / Keynote Speaker


Paula Mendoza (Colombia)
Jewelry Designer

Stefani de la O (Costa Rica)
Founder and Designer, Nomadic Collector


Lilly Peña, María Luisa Cardona, María de la Paz Alice, Marcella Bracci (Costa Rica) Founders, Project Hook.


Andrew Tomlinson (UK)
Set designer


Carolina Sevilla (Costa Rica)
Founder 5minutebeachcleanup and Director of Operations at Bionic Yarn


Araceli Graham (Mexico/US)
Founder and Curator of Cooperativa Shop

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