New materials for a new world.

We fostered the collaboration between Andrea Kader and Pamela Hernández (both fashion designers) and PIÑATEX, a natural textile made from pineapple leaf fibre that resembles leather.


Thanks to the partnership between OMINA 2018 and PIÑATEX, fashion designers Andrea Kader and Pamela Hernández prepared each a capsule collection using the amazing PIÑATEX textile made from a pineapple leaf fibre that resembles leather.

The pieces created by both designers were worn by OMINATV host Anabella Jerez
during OMINA 2018. They were also showcased during Carmen Hijosa’s keynote
speech during the Summit.
“OMINA is a very significant platform, because it encourages creative people to rebuild a future with a sustainable mindset. This non-profit organization also supports young designers and helps them to create, communicate, and inspire others.”


Andrea Kader

“I think OMINA re-thinks fashion as a sustainable practice on different levels. We share the vision of sustainability as a productive engine. Thanks to the follow-up, support, and training that OMINA offers to the local design community, we get access to a valuable network (in this case with Piñatex), which fosters creative possibilities and experimentation with raw materials that are the result of an innovation motivated by awareness and concern for the environment.”


Pamela Hernandez